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We are suppliers of medical products to consumers and business services to medical practitioners.

Medical Equipment Loans

Medical equipment loans available for professional usage. These loans start at $10,000 and go up to $5 million, and can be funded the same day. Funds can be used for most medical equipment, including heavy equipment and medical transportation equipment. We do not accept aesthetics at this time. Loans are available nationwide!

Medical Practice Loans

Available from $350,000 to $5 Million, our SBA 7A loans are available to use for medical practices, veterinarian hospitals, dentist offices, assisted living, funeral homes, ambulatory transportation operation, day care, adult care, and others facilities used for medical purposes.

Medical Property Loans

Starting at $100,000, our medical property Loans are available for small to large projects, and are available for hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, multifamily, and other medical facilities. We will also accept loan applications from medical professionals seeking to purchase investment properties.

Recruiting / Headhunting

As you know, finding the right employee for your business can be time consuming and tedious. This is where we can provide you with assistance. Our headhunters have worked in hiring positions for more than 30 years. We use technology to scout the planet for possible candidates and the common-sense approach when qualifying them to interview with you.


Are you looking for new patients / customers? If so, let our marketing and advertising specialist help drive new prospects into your place of business. By combining "OLD SCHOOL" marketing with modern techniques, your business will see new faces and potential financial revenues in real time with organic growth that follows it. Our marketing staff has decades of experience and can work with businesses who have both small and large marketing budgets.

Undercover "boss-like"

Unproductive employees will cost companies a lot of money. Through our program, we will go into your established and work as a new employee. While there, we will observe and document activities we are able to capture throughout our time there. Your employees will not suspect a thing because they will not know who we are. Our undercover reporters will blend right in and begin documenting internal activities from Day 1.

Medical Products

Our E-Commerce store will carry over 10,000 general products that can be shipped directly to your door. These items include, adhesives, alarm systems, ambulatory accessories, anti-nausea, splints, regulators, respiratory accessories, specimen collection devices, surgical sponges, towels, transport chairs, gurneys and stretchers, bandages, denture adhesive dressings, staff gowns, chair pads, face shields, wheelchair accessories, and thousands more!

Home Services

Your personable personal assistant is here to help. Through our services, individuals can utilize our services to clean their home, prepare light meals, laundry, scheduling events, plan travel services, cut the grass, feeding pets, personal companionship, and run errands. When you work with our reps, you'll feel like they are part of your family. Each and everyone of of our personal assistants take pride in their jobs. They listen and make sure the chores you need done are completed the way you would like them and within a timely manner.

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