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Mélange Medical, Inc.

The word "Mélange" means "Variety", and our company is just that: a variety of products and services designed to help medical communities. Our primary operation is to provide services to medical providers and those who work in health care. Secondly, we carry a catalog of medical products for the public to purchase. Today's ideas are tomorrow's innovations, which will bring solutions to yesterday's problems!


Why Hire a Recruiter / Headhunter

Recruiters play an important role in helping busy medical businesses find and place qualified candidates into open positions. Plus, many established recruiters already have a database of resumes on candidates that might be your next hire. With recruiters, you, the employer, receive experienced talent scouts with a background in employee prospecting and acquisition services that will go to work and work hard for you. Recruiters will review resumes, conduct interviews, assess condidate's qualifications and experience, thus saving you time and allowing you to stay focused on your business.

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Capital available for medical properties purchases and equipment.

The medical industry isn't just about providers caring for patients. In fact, there is a whole scope of operations that take place behind the scenes when it comes to operating medical business, which is where we come in. Mélange Medical offers a variety of different loans and commercial financing options to help the medical industry. Such loans include medical equipment loans, medical real estate mortgages for senior care facilities, small commercial properties, investment properties, and so on. We can help with an 7A SBA loan guarantee for Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians. We even offer Commercial vehicle loans for medical transporting vehicles, such as ambulances, hearses, helicopters, utility equipment, and commercial trucks. Whatever your need is, Mélange Medical offers loans that may be able to help you.

If you need money

Business Services - Powerful marketing strategies to grow your practice.

Mélange Medical, Inc. offers an array of services within this category to help businesses increase revenues, sales, clients, branding, marketing, SEO, growth strategies, demographic research, and more. We also provide health care providers our undercover operation services to help employers know if their employees are fulfilling their job duties. We custom-tailor our services to better fit the goals you have for your business. We are HIPAA Compliant and can obtain a HIPAA Certification for your business should you prefer that instead.

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